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Salon Brands

Hello. STREET Hair Salon is the new home of ANGLES Hair Studio with a brand new online store. The concept is to provide up to date salon professional products. Winterize your hair, shop

As professionally trained hairstylists we are authorized to share with our clients information and innovation in the hair care industry. We will also be curating a library of educational videos and literature designed by the major brands we carry.

About the brands we carry

Greetings. I have been in the business a long time. Each item on this website has been carefully selected to be in our store. Each brand has been tested by us and with ongoing customer feedback we continue to offer the best.

Sales. Gift cards. Promos. Limited offers. Discount bundles. Surprise packs. If you love street markets and boutique sales or just a fantastic lucky find, then Helena at is the hairstylist to follow.

We will be adding and removing items in the street market section of the store. Are you looking for bulk buys and gifts ideas? Send your list to Helena.

All our Products are listed below.

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