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About the online store

STREET Hair Salon, the new home of Angles Hair Studio welcomes you to our new online store.

​In an effort to deliver the best to our clients we present to you our brand new shopping experience. 


We are each unique, even the DNA in our hair is unique, so why would one brand fit every hair care routine? Our online store is the first step in helping us determine the hair care regime best for you.


As usual for new and existing clients we start with a thorough consultation. We will talk about your daily styling routine, recommend products and take the time to show you how to properly use your styling tools to get that salon look every day. Choose your products.

About Salon Hair Products

We use ammonia free hair colour, gluten free hair colour, fragrance free hair colour, PPD free hair colour, sulfate free hair colour lines and lighteners.

Our products lines are Vegan hair products, gluten free hair products, sulfate free hair products, Paraben free hair products, DEA free hair products, sodium chloride free hair products, all natural organic hair products.

We source locally owned and manufactured hair product lines, including FRAMESI Morphosis and Framesi Color Lover, NATURE'S AID, LIVING PROOF and REDKEN.

Our Mission and Hair goals are to:

  • Provide excellent service each time you visit our salon

  • Offer you the most current hairstyles, cutting and colour techniques through continued education and training.

  • Bring you the most natural, chemical free and organic hair products possible for a healthier experience in the salon and at home.

  • Give you the tools you need to easily achieve your style at home.

  • Our number one priority is keeping your hair healthy throughout the entire process.

  • We carry a full line of in-salon hair treatments including Olaplex, Redken Chemistry System and Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure and Morphosis Pro-Force

  • To ensure your hair is strengthened and healthy


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