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Framesi MORPHOSIS REPAIR Conditioner


Restores strength and resilience to fragile, damaged hair. For all hair types, it has the ideal consistency for frequent use without weight and leaves damaged hair silky and manageable.


Perfect for reconditioning and protecting the hair after bleaching, straightening, perming or heat styling damage.

When the hair is dry or damaged, dull and porous, the first step is to repair the hair shaft and bulb.


The best results are achieved by restorative substances such as proteins, ceramides, highly moisturizing molecules and vitamins that attach themselves to the hair, giving it back its natural flexibility and shine.


Hair particularly prone to dehydration, porosity and damage is likely to have been exposed to atmospheric and chemical agents: in this case it is vital to provide a treatment that works at all levels of the hair structure.

SOLUTION: Morphosis Repair

  • Repairs fragile and damaged hair
  • Offers deep-down nourishment and moisturization
  • Immediate effect of reconstruction and manageability
  • Fortifies hair from inside
  • Restores shine to dull hair
  • Color safe, will not build up
  • For all hair types

Key Ingredient: Sunflower seed oil for repair, shine and protection

Use with Repair Shampoo and Repair Velvet Spray for additional benefits.


  • Sunflower seed oil, restores the hydro lipid film
  • Almond proteins, essential for effective restructuring
  • Vitamin E, anti-oxidant and protective


Available in 250 mL and 1 litre sizes


PriceFrom C$25.90
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