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Framesi MORPHOSIS Destress Serum


Morphosis Destress SerumLeave-in rebalancing treatment that soothes hyper-sensitive scalp.


Contains a blend of moisturizing and anti-oxidant agents that stimulate cell regeneration and heals irritated or very dry scalp. Lightweight yet concentrated.

When the scalp is very sensitive, redness and irritation can make the application of treatments extremely uncomfortable. For this reason, before intervening with products and massages, you should reduce scalp irritation and reduce the discomfort by strengthening the cells’ defenses.

SOLUTION: Morphosis Destress

  • Soothes irritation
  • Combats redness
  • Moisturizes
  • Colour safe
  • For all hair types

Key ingredient: Grape seed to decongest

Shampoo with Repair or Sublimis Oil Shampoo for additional benefits.

  • Calming and refreshing pomegranate extract
  • Regenerating, healing and anti-inflammatory allantoin
  • Protective carboxymethyl glucan

Framesi MORPHOSIS Destress Serum Available 100 mL

MORPHOSIS Destress Serum

SKU: 8032505875984
100 Milliliters
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